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Portfolio Management

CitrinGroup is an investment counselor with pure, unbiased portfolio selection at its core. Coupling its comprehension of financial markets with intelligence for choice under risk and uncertainty, the firm’s ultimate goal is simple: view theory, data, and insight from a place of complete objectivity for greater sustainability of investment success.


Our Clients

CitrinGroup provides investment counsel to select individuals, businesses, trusts, and non-profits worldwide. In its role as portfolio manager, CitrinGroup runs its flagship Unbiased Global Growth portfolio while advising clients on investment planning matters such as individual capacity for risk.


Mission Statement

Change what people expect of financial markets. 


Research Institution

As a research institution in finance, CitrinGroup maintains a dual mandate: 1) Excellent portfolio management for clients given current market conditions, and 2) Tireless work to improve market conditions for the future.  CitrinGroup utilizes its depth of research to benefit clients, and its aptitude for speaking and writing to educate an investing public.  A true fiduciary provides leadership for its clientele while making the world a safer, smarter investment landscape.